Leaning Label (Tilt Indicator)
Leaning label (tilt indicator) aware the cargo handling personnel about the package tilting or drop. The personnel can quickly inspect the items inside. This label reduces the chances of damages during  delivery.
Pallet Cushion
Mount Polyethylene made durable pallet cushion at the bottom of pallet or crate to protect avionics instrumentation, medical instrument, electronic products, military devices, broadcast / audio visual equipment, and more against shock and vibration.
Shock Indicators
Shock Indicators are known for their high sensitivity level. These products are useful to prevent potential damage of products during their shipment. These can be used at maximum 158 degree C temperature.

Tilt Indicators
Tilt Indicators are used for detecting shipping irregularities during transportation of electronic, furniture, glass items and equipments. These tamper protected indicators have been designed as per DIN norms. These can be affixed directly on packaging.
Clip Label (Shock Clip)
When it comes to Clip Label (Shock Clip), trust no company other than Wan-Yo Enterprise Co. Ltd. 25G clip label and 50G clip label are available under this category. These are the labels used for packages containing essential equipment and supplies.
Tube Indicator (Shock Tube)
Tube indicator (shock tube) available in sensitivity range of 10G , 15G , 25G , 37G , 50G , 75G , 100G can be mounted on the product to monitor impact and shocks. Upon the occurrence of impact, it turn bright red.
Temperature Data Logger
Temperature Data Loggers are accessible with 32,000 readings data storage capacity based choice. Design of these products is certified by CE and ROHS. LED status indicator of these data logging systems is useful for knowing temperature status. These support USB working interface for easy accessing of stored data.
Butterfly Latch
Butterfly Latches are accessible with chrome plated surface. Developed from mild steel, these easy to fit latches have fold down wing handle for improved actuation function. These wear and corrosion proof latches are used for transportation systems, musical equipments etc.

We export to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, USA, Russia, Italy and Bangladesh.
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