Impact Indicator- Taiwan Factory

Our factory is situated in Taiwan. Product designing and development related activities are smoothly carried out in this facility. Everything from production to service delivery work is performed in an organized way, which helps in coming across as a professional business entity in the market.

We better quality of our products (like Impact Label, Leaning Label, Clip Label, Impact Tube, Clip Label, Butterfly Latch, Pallet Cushion) by making use of quality base materials. Our business decisions till date have been proved beneficial, because we have taken them after doing complete industrial and market analysis.

Factory Overview

  • Designing and manufacturing teams prefer doing final consultation with customers in order to not miss even slight detail given by them for product development. Smooth communication helps us to perform business works better.

Production Equipment

  • The second factory which is in Xizhi has vacuum inspection machine, thermal shock test machine, fully automated impact indicator production equipment, etc.

Product Tracking Management System

  • In all the manufacturing processes and to handle works like feeding, production & shipping, our company utilizes ERP and MES production systems.  Application of strict quality control policy at all level ensures quality production.

Distributors Management Program

  • In this program, we well-handle below mentioned works: 

Supplier Management

  • GP audit
  • Product Quality Contract

Part Recognition

  • CoC
  • Cooperation manufacturer report


  • Examiner qualification
  • Test equipment
  • Test frequency
  • Test method

Process Control

  • Product Quality Contract
  • Regular inspection
  • RoHS test

Finished Product Control

  • Follow deeply specific Requirements of customers

Patent and Certification

We Own

Intellectual property rights are imperative to Wan-Yo Enterprise Co., Ltd., as in the global market, we hold a crucial place in the technology field to avoid anti-tilting and  cargo crash. Our company chooses to have patent protection during the process of product development.  Our companies apply for patents in various major markets like China and Europe, etc. Following are some patents, which we own:   

  • China Patent
  • English Patent
  • Taiwan Patent

Take Steps To Address Infringement Of Patents

Our business unit evaluates new business opportunities for exercising patent and perfectly dealing with the issue of infringement of patents. We have made plans of filing 20 patent applications for modern technologies in the end of 2018.

Our Reports

Quality and eco-friendly manufactured line that comprises Pallet Cushion etc., is our foremost concern. All our products are approved by TUV & SGS Labs.

Quality & Green Policy

Quality and environmental policy-Impact Label

(Made in Taiwan/quality guaranteed)

  • Wan-Yo Enterprise Co., Ltd., perfectly looks after production, research, development and sales with high sincerity. Our business unit deals in several kinds of anti-tilt labels, multi-angles, logistics monitoring labels, anti-tilt labels,  anti-vibration labels.
  • Standardized SOP and Standard ISO management system along with high supervision of professional technicians, help company to serve singularly the best.
  • Our product line is known for have cleared SGS, TUV& RoHS tests. In Taiwan, these products carry independent intellectual property rights and patents.

Quality Policy   

  • With the support of dexterous team and smooth handling of standard operations, company strives to create global layout by strengthening current internal foundation.
  • Employees of the company works with dedication and adheres to international quality norms.

Quality Commitment

International quality management system assists us to offer valued clients value in-exchange of hard earned money.  Commitment to do the following helps us to become customers favorites: 

  • Conformity with regulatory requirements
  • Ceaseless improvement and excellence
  • Complete participation of all workers
  • Meet customer needs

Implementation of Quality Policy 

  • Quality Policy Advocacy: Heads running this departments, look after education training and conferences and create communication channels to make sure that employees are well-acquainted with the policy.
  • Continuous improvement of quality policy: As per business enterprises development strategy and market conditions, annual quality objectives and business policies are planned each year. PDCA improvement actions are enforced to make sure goals are achieved on time.
  • Implementation of the quality policy: By creation of strong quality control plans, implementation of audit and establishment of goals, PDCAs activities are justified.
  • Environmental Policy: We are committed to our business policy that supports philosophies Environmental Protection, Everyone is Responsible and Integrity, innovation and pragmatism. Our company creates in working with high focus over environmental protection and this well depicted in the statement in which we believe, Respecting the nature and loving the land. Optimum utilization of resources and adherence to standard environmental policy norms help us to safeguard our mother earth for future generations.

Environmental Policy Enforcement 

  • Business Recycling: Well-handling recyclable projects and managing business waste accurately. Caring for the environment, we keep promoting resource recycling and optimum usage of resources.
  • Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction: Our company creates specific smart energy-saving plan. Low carbon is emitted in our production process. 
  • Environmental Protection Regulations: We abide by all the legal requirements of environmental protection regulations.
  • Green Procurement Protection: Resource saving and recyclable products are made at our company.  We promote healthy and pollution free environment.

We Promise To The Following: 

  • Make Energy saving. Comply with regulations. Prevent pollution through production activity. Resource recycling
  • Conform to national and international governments related environmental and safety norms.
  • Encourage education and training activities, which support healthy environment programs. In addition to this, we better employees awareness regarding environmental, safety & health.
  • Creating a healthy environment by pollution prevention, energy conservation and accident prevention.
  • Pay huge focus over pollution source control, better safety and health facilities and accurately process waste reduction.
  • Creating a smooth channel to educate public, business associates, employees and clients about company environmental safety policy.


Beneath mentioned depict our business journey.




Company Is formed


  • In this year, we worked hard to offer valued customers matchless quality and cost-effective Impact Label and Leaning Label.
  • Our company became leading supplier of quality products and reputed business entities commenced trusting in the quality of our range.
Leading The Market
  • Attained the position of being the first company to well-print Barcode and Serial number on Leaning Label and Impact Label.
  • Strict quality control policy was adopted to deliver singularly the best in national and international markets.

2012 (Market Share Top 1)

After around three of our business formation, our products started to see high sales. More than 80% of Taiwan market, is filled with our products, thus, making our range an ideal choice.

January 2013

  • Introduced brands Leaning Label
  • & Impact Label.
  • Our company became the only renowned manufacture in Taiwan with patents and modern production technology.

April 2013

  • In New Taipei City, first factory was formed. This factory supported production capacity of 100 thousand pieces per month.
  • Semi-automatic production equipment and machines helped in making qualitative and quantitative products.

2014 Exclusive Technology

  • Designed world first damage indicator tracking system.
  • We received multi-national patents to assist our valued customers tracking their goods more efficiently.

2015 (New Product Release)

  • Clip Label: Utilized for smaller goods or devices
  • Impact Tube: Instantly placed inside the product
  • Leaning Label II: Display tilt direction & anti-cheating mechanism
  • Leaning Label Plus: Discovers many precise tilt angles & overturns

2016 (New Product Release)

Pallet Cushion: It is an air dampened cushioning device. This offers a swift, cost-effective and lasting customized solution to save sensitive products from vibrations and shocks.

2017 (Second Factory Founded)

To meet growing demands, company expanded production work, for which new fully automated factory was set up having a capacity to produce around 400 thousand pieces per month.

2018 World Second Largest Manufacturer

  • Our overseas agents spread across in more than 50 countries. These are chosen by Fortune Global 500
  • In this year, we won Taiwan sales and market share No.1 award.

Japanese Trademark Authorization, Oct 2018

After successfully standing tall on quality tests and certifications of Japanese customers, our range entered the Japanese market and gained from Japanese government, a trademark authorization.

We export to Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, USA, Russia, Italy and Bangladesh.
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