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Dual Impact Label

Dual Impact Label
Dual Impact Label
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Product Code : E31 (L-65 + L-47)
Brand Name : Impact Label
Product Description

What is Dual Impact Label ?

First of all, Impact Label is a Shock Dector Indicator Label Sticker, it provides monitor, detect and track to customer's goods or products during transit or in storage. Impact Labels usually applied on packaging and stick on a caton initially. Once the goods with Impact indicator Label are dropped, impacted, shaked, collided...etc, the middle window of Impact Label will turn red. In this situation, products inside the carton may be damaged and broken. However, more and more people use Impact Label for different needs, for example, stick impact indicator label on equipment to detect shock, vibration or impact force to it.

After years, more and more shippers from Logistic, transport and couriers know this labels, called it shock label, shock indicator label, impact sensor, drop n tell...etc. Most of couriers understand the effect and concequence of Impact Label, which may get in trouble and take full responsiblity of damaged goods. Therefore, Impact Label successfully reduces and decreases the possiblity of damage goods occurred.

However, General Impact Indicators have only 1 display window and often Fail to Reflect the Accurated Impact Force. Moreover, the impact force is Much Larger than the selected impact detector label and makes the products More Serious Damaged. Therefore, Dual Impact Label is an upgraded brand new version of the traditional impact indicator with one more shock indicator. With 2 shock indicators in 1 label, Dual Impact Label provides a more accurate detection of shock indicator which can detect 2 different impact G force, from 10G to 100G shock force.

2 Shock Indicators in 1 Label: Customized Accepted!

The most popular of model of Dual Impact Label is E31 which is always in stock and is widely used in High-Precision, High-Priced, High-End Goods, such as Solar Cell, Semi-Conductors, Precision Instrument, Appliances, TV Monitor, Printer, Server, Computer, ATM Machine, Wafer, Microscope, Gyro Sensor IC, Medical Instrument, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine, X-ray Machine, Ultrasonic Detector, Aero or Automotive Parts...etc.

However, if customers need to use different detection impact force, for example 37G+50G, we can customize the label for our clients.

Dual Impact Label ( E31 ) : Impact Recorder Label Package Damage Detector ( Similar Shockwatch 2 )As the indicator of the lower g value activates and the indicator of the standard g value does not activate which indicates that the goods / shipment has been subjected to a slight collision during the delivery process. This may cause the product defected, so we can pre-warning and strengthen the inspection of the goods / shipment.


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